Our bespoke furniture service offers contemporary design lovers an avenue to customize furniture, lighting and storage solutions to their exact specification, preference and dimensions. We allow customers a high level of personalization while delivering timeless quality and style. We invite you to understand more of our process below as we tell the story of a stunning custom dining table come to life.

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Where does inspiration come from? In our case, it could be from a decadent dessert, dressed to perfection with each sumptuous layer building to create a rich fusion of color and form. We live to be inspired by the little things every day. They are all around us, looking to be spun into the creative universe


A mood board to set the stage, as we begin our journey from concept to reality. With the ability to work with a variety of materials like marble, wood, metal, leather and glass, all in-house at our full scale workshop and joinery, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Sampling remains one of the most important facets of the process, selecting the right materials and color palette, the basis of a joyful client collaboration.


3D drawing creates the working model and lays the groundwork for the production of the piece. A 3D visualization allows the client to better envision how the piece will look. Our technical design team supports the process and specifies exactly what finishes, materials and dimensions the table will take.


This is where everything comes together, creating a unique piece from an idea. Each element of the piece is handmade by our in-house team of craftsmen and specialists, giving each piece the authenticity that mass produced furniture can never aspire to. While more painstaking and elaborate, the result is something made to last, to order, and exactly for you.


A bespoke piece is a dialogue in design, between the creator and viewer, between vision and reality. It is a conversation where big ideas are shared and little details are preserved. A discussion rich in imagination but anchored by practicality. We strive to strike a balance between a design-forward form and practical function.


The magic happens when a piece is finally installed in the space it was created to occupy. There is a certain harmony in designing specifically for a space and seeing it to fruition. In this case, we were able to bring that sense of joy to the US Ambassador’s official residence in Abu Dhabi where we were honored to create a number of custom design pieces for the family.

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