Design is a form of storytelling, it reflects the values and ethos of the designer but brings to life the narrative of the user.

Our design exudes a positive, joyful modernism rooted in timeless quality and conscious consumption.

We believe that what you buy says a lot about who you are. Ethical consumption for us is all about thoughtful, responsible collecting.

We take pride in making a piece of future heritage that lasts, can evolve along with you and reflects your unique personality. We’re happy to be on that circular journey with each of our customers.

- Sidarth Menon, Creative Director

Made in the UAE

As one of the few local designer-makers in Dubai, DesignKraft prides itself on creating furniture and accessories that demonstrate the values, aesthetics and creativity of the next generation. Seismic changes in the way we live and work have stimulated home-grown design communities all over the world. Here in the UAE, we represent the ambition and positivity of our home, with a view to inspiring and supporting a new mindful production and consumption.

At our Dubai workshop, a large team of expert fabricators work on innovative new techniques with diverse materials to make objects that are both functional and curious. As a crucial part of the design ecosystem, the studio collaborates with consumers, interior designers and retailers to create unique, one-off pieces that are charming, beautiful and built to last.

Made in the UAE is what we are and it’s what we look for in our suppliers: a local company, looking to keep it local. We lean towards materials that are manufactured in the UAE like aluminium and glass. This supports the local economy while cutting out carbon-heavy shipments from our footprint.

Design for life program

We are a future-focused, planet-conscious studio that strives towards sustainability at all stages of the supply chain.

That doesn’t mean just using recycled or recyclable materials, it means investing in the circular economy and inviting our clients to return purchased pieces, for mending, upcycling or reusing.

Our Design for Life programme is crucial to our existence - allowing our pieces to be refreshed, reimagined or separated for recycling. That means DesignKraft is not just for today, it’s for Life.

Our Manifesto

To invest in materials that have the fullest circular capabilities, enabling reuse at every level while minimising waste.

To be always carbon conscious, using solar power to cut emissions and using locally sourced materials to create durable products.

To adopt sustainable principles including separability of materials for recycling, minimising the use of chemicals, finishers and glue.

To always use certified materials for production, mindful of weight and transportability for shipments to customers.

To make pieces that last a lifetime, promoting thoughtful consumption, extending the life of our products and giving our customers true value for their investment.

To always learn and be educated in the latest methods and techniques to remain at the forefront of sustainable production and distribution.

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