This project involved the development, fabrication and installation of specialized lighting and chandeliers across a new mall in Oman. The design brief was to create eye-catching lighting installations, statement chandeliers and functional but contemporary lighting across the entire property. The mall was designed with the group’s strategic goals in mind and position it as a leading designation in the country for modern families. Our mission was to work with the client on striking conceptual designs while also keeping a keen eye on budgets which had been set via an extensive procurement process.


A project of this size gave us the opportunity to leverage our production scale & capabilities. We needed to produce almost two hundred geometric shapes, electrifying over half of them. Production was done efficiently and to a high standard, meeting the client and the contractor’s strict deadline.


Our in-house metal fabrication and lighting division were essential in the success of this project. Both our highly-trained teams had to come together to complete the project to the highest global standards. Our specialized machinery and manufacturing capabilities ensured superior quality and workmanship standards.


Site visits, scoping and installation were arguably the most challenging part of this project. Working at heights of over 36 meters, each lighting element of the chandelier needed to be connected and electrified to form the cascading effect demanded by the client. The remaining light installations similarly required precise measurements and detailed drawings executed over three days.


The final installation demonstrated the extent of our technical capability, working with a variety of materials and finishes including metal, aluminium and brass, while creating detailed, intricate lighting shapes that capture the attention and set the mood. For this project we needed to coordinate with a number of teams and designers including project managers, client contractors and a variety of the client’s design and marketing teams, along with procurement. 

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